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Undergraduate Courses in Library Science


1000. Research Skills for Electronic and Print Resources (1) (F,S,SS) University electronic and print information sources.

3102. Research Sources and Techniques (3) Selection and research of topics in are of student's academic interests in general and major areas through reference and nonreference materials.

3200. The Art of Storytelling (3) (S) Selection, adaptation, evaluation, and use of storytelling in professions such as human services, business, education, recreation, health care, and entertainment. Emphasis on storytelling performance for audiences of all ages.

4950. Literature for Children (3) (WI) (S) May not count toward foundations curriculum literature requirement or as advanced elective for ENGL majors. Literature for children from early childhood through junior high school.

LIBS Banked Courses

2123. Early Experiences for the Prospective

4324. Observation and Supervised Teacher

4323. School Media Specialist in Grades

5114. Materials for Children K-12

5115. Materials for Young Adults

April 23, 2009