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Living-Learning Community


The College of Education Living-Learning Community (LLC) gives first-year education students a unique residential learning experience that connects College of Education faculty and staff members and classroom learning with residence life to ease the transition into the ECU community and contribute to their success within the College of Education and beyond. Students will enjoy the typical first year experience of dorm life with the added benefit of living with other students who are also going into the education field. In addition to in-hall discussions and guest speakers, students in the LLC will have the opportunity to engage in a number of activities outside the University environment, attending cultural events, teambuilding ropes course, and social activities in and around the ECU community. These activities help students become comfortable with the residential and academic aspects of University life in a short period of time.

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Scholarship Spotlight

Betty Abernathy Scholarship

The Abernathy scholarship is a four year $20,000 scholarship awarded to an outstanding high school senior with a demonstrated commitment to the study of and a career in science education. The scholarship is modeled after the ECU Maynard Scholarship and as so, recipients will have a required on campus living component for the freshmen year, a four year programmatic component, and specific criteria for receiving funds.

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Student Spotlight

Maggie Sellers

2016 James. H. and Connie M. Maynard Scholar

Maggie Sellers

Hometown: Wallace, NC
High School: Heide Trask High School
Intended Major: Elementary Education
Reason for Choosing Education: I want to be the reason a lightbulb is able to go off in a child’s head so he or she is able to realize the potential they have not only now but in the future.
Why ECU: Not only is it one of the best teaching schools in our state but it has a special place in my heart since my Grandma attended here when it was ECTC.
Favorite thing about ECU: East Carolina University truly feels like home once you get here, it is a great atmosphere to not only grow as a student but as an individual and an adult.