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EDTC 6991 Capstone Project Fact Sheet & Application

Fact Sheet

Before taking EDTC 6991, MS student must complete 27 credits, including EDTC 6010, EDTC 6020, EDTC 6025, EDTC 6030 and preferably, EDTC 6040 (you can concurrently be taking EDTC 6040 while working on an EDTC 6991 project). Contact Dr. William Sugar if you have any questions about these prerequisites.

In EDTC 6991, one  completes a capstone project within a professional Instructional Design and Technology setting. One can complete this project while working full time. Some recent projects include the following: a Spanish translation instructional module, an introduction to Blackboard instructional module, transition of an existing face-to-face to an online environment, teaching an undergraduate technology course, etc. One can complete a capstone project in a traditional internship setting where a student works with a professional instructional designer/technologist. The student will complete a capstone project in this setting. Recent internship settings have been at various locations such as: ECU's University Multimedia Center and ECU's Medical School. Contact Dr. William Sugar for possible project ideas and placement sites.

Please note that all EDTC 6991 capstone projects must include activities related to the instructional systems design process, including analysis, design and development, and evaluation activities.

Send your completed EDTC 6991 capstone project application (see below) to Dr. William Sugar. IMPORTANT: you cannot begin your EDTC 6991 capstone project until you receive approval from Instructional Technology program faculty.

Capstone Project Application

  1. Name:
  2. Credits completed:
  3. Title of capstone project
  4. List your capstone project client and e-mail address:
  5. Description of EDTC 6991 project(s): 
  6. Proposed analysis-related activities:
  7. Proposed design/development-related activities:
  8. Proposed evaluation-related activities: 
  9. Proposed instructional media: 
  10. What do you expect to learn from this project?:
  11. Potential outcome(s) (e.g., final report, instructional module, etc.):
  12. Include overall outline of proposed project, including all main sections:
  13. Please send application and inquires to Dr. William Sugar, MS in Instructional Technology Program Coordinator.