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Instructional Technology
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Advising Guide for Students Beginning

The graduate course of study, Instructional Technology, is designed for students seeking employment in institutions of higher education, governmental agencies, businesses, and industry as developers of instructional materials. All of the required courses are offered online.

Students entering this program starting in the Spring 2007 will complete the courses below.

Program Requirements

The program requires a minimum of 36 semester hours of credit. Nine core courses and one research course are required of all students. A portfolio of specific class projects is required.

Program Objectives

Students who complete the MS degree in Instructional Technology, are able to:

  1. Identify the various populations of clients and analyze their instructional needs;
  2. Work with clients and/or development teams to identify and analyze instructional goals;
  3. Work with clients and/or development teams to design, develop, and evaluate materials that meet instructional needs;
  4. Assist clients in the delivery of instructional units:
  5. Assist clients in developing and applying evaluation techniques and tools;
  6. Assist clients in identifying, acquiring, installing, maintaining, and networking appropriate hardware and software;
  7. Investigate both practical and theoretical problems and issues in existing and emerging instructional technologies and disseminate the results;
  8. Incorporate a concern for people in day-to-day work;
  9. Practice ethical, professional, and humane behavior.

Required courses

Below is a list of courses (30 credits) required for all MS students.

• EDTC 6010 – Introduction to Instructional Technology

• EDTC 6020 – Principles of Instructional Design

• EDTC 6025 – Analysis and Evaluation In Instructional Technology

• EDTC 6030 – Authoring Systems for Instructional Product Development

• EDTC 6040 – Multimedia Instructional Product Development

• EDTC 6135 – Instructional Graphics for Educational Media

• EDTC 6991 – Internship

• EDTC 7030– Web Teaching: Design and Development

• EDTC 7040 – Instructional Strategies for Distance Learning

• COE research course (EDUC 6482, SCIE 6500 or equivalent course)


MS students will select six hours of electives in consultation with MS program coordinator.

EDTC electives (See Advising Guide when these courses will be offered) can include the following courses:

Computer-based Instruction certificate
• EDTC 6045 Human-Computer Interface Design (3)
• EDTC 6240 Virtual Reality: Principles and Applications (3)

Distance Learning certificate
• EDTC 6300 Introduction to Distance Learning (3)
• EDTC 7330 Management of Distance Education (3)

Checksheet for MS program

For further program information contact:

Dr. Ron Preston
Director of Students
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
Telephone: 252-328-9355
Fax: 252-328-4368