MS in Instructional Technology

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[Enter your name and program area. A professional photo of yourself is optional, if you include a photo it must be a headshot only and something you would show to a potential employer or the Dean of the ECU College of Education. Save this template file as and html file with the name "index" and transfer to your directory on the COE portfolio server. No other name other than "index" can be used for this page of your electronic portfolio (do not use the quotes of course). You can only have the word "index" in your file name no other characters or your page will not load in a Web browser. The experts in the class may note that there are other options, for this course and our grading we only use "index".]

EDTC program projects and reflective writings [Link to Projects Page-create the link and remove this text]

Instructional Technology Philosophy Statement (MS) [Link to Philosophy Statement-create the link and remove this text]

Resume/Vita [Link to Resume/Vita-create the link and remove this text]

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