MS in Instructional Technology
East Carolina University College of Education
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Department of Math, Science, & Instructional Technology Education

Course Title of course & Semester Professor Artifact Reflective Statement
EDTC 6010 Introduction to Instructional Technology name IT News Letter Reflection
EDTC 6020 Principles of Instructional Design name Instructional Design Project Reflection
EDTC 6025 Analysis and Evaluation in Instructional Technology name Instructional Design Project II Reflection
EDTC 6030 Authoring Systems for Instructional Product Development
name Portfolio Showcase Assignment Reflection
EDTC 6040 Multimedia Instructional Product Development name Final Project Reflection
EDTC 6135 Instructional Graphics for Educational Media name Print-Based Set of Instructions Reflection
EDTC 7030 Web Teaching: Design and Development name Multimedia Experiment Lab Report
EDTC 7040 Instructional Strategies for Distance Learning name Reflection Paper Assignment Reflection
EDTC 6991 Capstone Project in Instructional Technology name Final Project Reflection