College of Education: Preparing Teachers and Education Professionals
Mathematics and Science Education Noyce Scholars Program

Strengths of Program

The following highlights are among the strengths of the proposed ECU Mathematics and Science Education Noyce Scholars Program:

  • The award winning Latham Clinical Schools Network which provides a strong partnership with local school districts for meaningful and structured field experience opportunities and continual professional development and mentoring for graduates.
  • A strong partnership with Community Colleges in Wachovia Partnership East, awarded by AACTE as the “Best Practice Award for Collaboration with Community Colleges;” this will be a key component of successfully recruiting of Noyce Scholars.
  • Strong liaisons with STEM departments with a rich history of Mathematics and Science Education/STEM collaboration on numerous projects.
  • A history of excellence signified by numerous awards and honors given to the College of Education in general and the Mathematics Education program in particular.
  • A strong track record in producing teachers; ECU prepares more professionals and minority candidates for North Carolina schools than any other university in the state.
  • The availability of a large and talented faculty in mathematics (10) and science (7) education with the ability to recruit, teach, advise, and mentor Noyce Scholars.