College of Education: Preparing Teachers and Education Professionals
Mathematics and Science Education Noyce Scholars Program


As a potential ECU Noyce Scholar, you may seek information from one, two, three, or more of the faculty who work with the Noyce program. For example, if you have a geology degree and are interested in pursuing the MAT in Science Education, you would work with Dr. Ann Adams Bullock, MAT Coordinator; Dr. Terri Woods, Geology Liaison; and Dr. Frank Crawley, Coordinator of Science Education; and perhaps others.

Principle Investigator

Ron Preston, Mathematics Education

Co-Principle Investigators

Frank Crawley, Science Education

Claudia Jolls, Biology

Tony Thompson, Mathematics Education

Heather Vance Chalcraft, Biology

MAT Coordinator

Ann Adams Bullock, Interim Chair of Elementary Education and Middle Grades Education

Director of Alternative Licensure

          Susan Morgan, Coordinator of Alternative Licensure 

Office of Teacher Education

          Vivian Covington, Director of Teacher Education

Departmental Liaisons

Biology – Claudia Jolls  and 
             Heather Vance Chalcraft
Chemistry – Lee Bartolotti
Engineering- Karen De Urquidi

Geological Sciences – Terri Woods

Mathematics – Heather Ries

Physics – Mark Sprague