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Two children working on a Lego machine ECU Summer Science camps are designed to enable students in Grades 2-8 to explore, inquire, and discover science principles while having fun.  Through an array of small group experiences, students explore the wonders of science from mid June through much of July.  Topics and experiences are tailored to student groupings.  For example, students in Grades 2 and 3 play insect detectives and create simple machines with Lego.  Students in Grades 4 and 5 design roller coasters and consider reactions that go fizz, bang, boom.  Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 consider energy and rocket science.  The complete list of topics by grade levels appears in the Calendar of Events.  Camp counselors include experienced teachers from Pitt County and students at ECU.  This is our seventh year offering camps that engage, entertain, and educate children about the wonders of science.

Here's what some students have said about this year's camp.

Iris Meyer - 10 - Ayden Elementary -  Lego Lab
“I enjoyed the robotics and using the computer to make the pulleys move. It's very interesting”
Alex Pagliari - 8 - St. Peters - Blast Off!/Lego Exploration
“We catch bugs and we build all kinds of stuff with the legos. I come back because it is fun.”
Faylee Crawford - 7 - Greenville Montessori School - Sounds of Science/Lego Exploration
“I think the part where we learned about our ears was really cool. Its because your ear part vibrates and takes sound to your brain.”

Eric Song - 8 - Arendell Parrot Academy - Insect Detectives     
“I learned that bugs and spiders can camouflage [themselves] in different places and areas to hide from their predators or get their prey.”

Ian Meredith - 8 - The Oakwood School - Fizz, Bang, Boom, Roller Coaster, Fossil Hunters, Lego Lab
“Building the legos and seeing how the creations work and modifying them so that they can be more stable and accurate.”

Isaiah Lowery- 12 - Hope Middle School - CSI/Robot Construction
“[Robots] are really fun and you can interact with them and its not like a camp that's boring."

Arquavis Richardson - 10 - Elm City Elementary - Fossil Hunters/ Lego Lab
“I’ve enjoyed the lego lab where we used the legos to make the dancing birds and the smart spinner. We used motors to control both of the experiments.”

Brett Bragg - 9 - Stokes Elementary - Fizz Bang Boom/Roller Coaster/Fossil Hunters/Lego Lab
“We got to build a miniature version of a roller coaster. We could make it do any turns, loops, tunnels. We learned about the momentum of roller coasters and how they needed enough force to go through one of the loops.”
Laura Sunwall - 11 - The Oakwood School - Robot Construction
“I’ve enjoyed the experience and joy of being able to build a team robot. It hasn’t been all that easy but it's not that hard; we haven’t had to build it from scratch. There have been parts to build it with.”

Andrew Kirby - 12 - Greenville Christian Academy - Water World/CSI/ Robot Construction
“I come to camp to get out of the house, meet new people, and work with robots and pH. In water world, we got to go down to the river and got to test the water to test for temperature, pH, and drinkability”

For additional information, visit the ECU Summer Camps Website or contact the Summer Science Camp Director, Tammy D. Lee, by telephone at 252-328-9364 or send email to leeta@ecu.edu.

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