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2/3 Session Descriptions

Getting Buggy

They crawl! They bite! They sting! Oh, My! Close encounters with nature and all that lives within it. Campers will become experts at what makes an insect an insect, a bug a bug, and a spider a spider. You will learn about life cycles and what makes these little critters unique! Throughout the week you will study and observe real creatures, and identify them based on the characteristics. Don’t miss out on the LIVE ACTION!

 Secret Formulas

Is it science or magic? Cook up some bubble trouble and find out!  This camp is the messy kids dream, full of blending, mixing and measuring.  Learn why some potions bubble and other turn to goo! Explore the fizzers, the bubblers, the exploders and more.  Make candles, slime, lotions, and lip balm too!

Garden Adventures

Spring has sprung, and summer is here! Flowers are blossomed and the gardens are in full gear. Explore with soils, water, compost, and insects to learn what makes gardens extraordinary. It’s more than beauty, or food for the table… its SCIENCE! Come join us as we sample soils, grow plants, make compost, and create bottle biology!

Lego Explorers

Explore the world of LEGOS by challenging each other to build and create various simple machines. Students will learn the art of designing successful structures through challenges utilizing various force requirements. Come and explore physical science through the use of LEGOS.

Jurassic Giants

Eastern North Carolina is a hot spot for finding fossils.  We will observe real fossils and learn its history. Come and explore with us and learn what kinds of animals occupied this area millions of years ago.  Weather permitting, we will trek to regular dig sights and explore in a nearby stream for other fossil finds.  Prepare to get wet and dirty on these explorations.