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Wright Stuff Camp Session

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4/5 Session Descriptions

Mad Scientists

Discover what kind of “mad scientist” you could become by looking at the effects of speed behind NASCAR racing. Blast off into space with astronauts and explore the stars and planets. Create slime and explosions with chemists. Dig into the deep ground to find rocks with geologist and grow your own crystals. Handle wild animals with zookeeper. Now what “mad scientist” will you become?

Heat, Light, Sound, OH MY

Have you ever wondered where energy comes from? What energy is? How we save it? Through this camp, students will explore three main sources of energy including heat, light, and sound. Campers will take part in testing alternative energy sources, harnessing the sun’s power to cook their own food, and testing energy efficient products. Later in the week campers will explore energy conservation? Join us this summer to uncover the truth about the future of energy in the U.S. and the world.

Under the Sea

Come explore the deep blue waters with us to see what lies beneath. Students will enter the ocean by learning about their new home. They will see how everything interacts specifically focusing on sharks, turtles, and fish! At the end of the week, the students will have an ocean of their own.

Lego Lab

Physics and engineering come to life with the aid of LEGO® advanced building bricks. Campers rely on creativity and imagination to construct simple machines, robots and more! This camp is not for your average builder, we bring our LEGOS alive with technology! Use laptops, online simulations and more with your designs. Eco Explorers: Come one and come all, as we replicate and put our own spin on famous inventions such as bridges, flashlights, solar ovens, rockets, and hovercrafts. We will also test our strength by designing a handgrip device and seeing how strong we are. At the end of the week we will look back at all the great inventions we use in our everyday lives. You will have the opportunity to design your own invention in which you think will better people’s lives. You will also make a model of it and show us how it will one day make you famous!