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Wright Stuff Camp Session

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6-7-8 Session Descriptions


Forensic science contains codes that we can use to unlock any number of mysteries. CSI: Greenville campers will learn- via hands-on laboratory experiments emphasizing chemistry, microbiology and genetics- how modern-day detectives use scientific knowledge to uncover the story behind the crime. During the end of the week, campers will apply these newly acquired skills to the investigation of a "mystery."

Invention Convention

Come one and come all, as we replicate and put our own spin on famous inventions such as bridges, flashlights, solar ovens, rockets, and hovercrafts. We will also test our strength by designing a handgrip device and seeing how strong we are. At the end of the week we will look back at all the great inventions we use in our everyday lives. You will have the opportunity to design your own invention in which you think will better people’s lives. You will also make a model of it and show us how it will one day make you famous!

Bones, Body, Biology

Explore human anatomy and biology through animal dissections and explorations.  You will see your body in a whole new way through examining human and animal x-rays. Not every animal has bones yet all organisms on Earth move and consume in their own special way. Investigate the differences in bone structure and locomotion through animal dissections and diagrams. Dive into examining human and animal x-rays and discover are we really that different on the inside…

Robot Construction

Students will learn the importance of the structural system of a robot through experiencing the construction of this system. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the motion subsystem of a robot by accepting challenges to create motion with their robots through the use of wheels and gears to move across varied terrain. Students will demonstrate how to control the sensor subsystem of a robot through obstacle course challenges.

Sports Science

Athletes run faster, throw harder and jump higher than they ever have in human history. Our bodies haven’t changed but the science of understanding the body has. Join us and explore the science behind resistance training and lung capacity and why eating so much really isn’t all that bad when you are in motion.