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On behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, welcome to the Department of Mathematics, Science, and Instructional Technology Education (MSITE) at East Carolina University. We are excited about your interest in our programs and our campus. Read the full welcome message. 

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We offer congratulations to Dr. Catherine Schwartz on her recent promotion to associate professor and for securing grant  funds to deliver professional development to teachers in mathematics education.  The N.C. Department of Public Instruction has provided $481,518 for Dr. Schwartz to work on  a three-year collaboration with teachers in Lenoir County.  On another grant project, funded by Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, she is working with a group of beginning teachers from all over Eastern North Carolina to support their mathematics teaching during the first two years. Dr. Schwartz understands the impact that such programs can have. One such project led her from teaching in a elementary classroom to becoming a professor at East Carolina University.  Dr. Schwartz explains:

Experience as a fourth and fifth grade classroom teacher has had a huge impact on my work with teachers. Early in my teaching career I was a participant in a five year statewide professional development program, (Teaching Excellence and Mathematics -- TEAM II) focused on mathematics teaching. The connections I made and the knowledge I gained through that program led me back to graduate school and to doing my current job. Click for the full interview.



It takes special qualities to become a successful teacher: a commitment to learning, a passion for serving, and a drive for personal excellence.   Rebekah Currie, a mathematics education student who was recently honored with the NCCTM Outstanding Mathematics Education Student award, embodies these qualities.  Rebekah enjoys all sorts of puzzles, including math puzzles. She was excited to take a class about polyhedra and tessellations where she was able to make 3-D models of some different polyhedra. Her project was on display in Joyner library last semester. Arts and crafts are her passions.  She especially  loves to draw and paint.  She also enjoys cooking and baking in her spare time. She thinks sharks are fascinating. Rebekah has many things that she loves to do and sees herself " as a person who gets several different degrees and tries different careers as a hobby. I want to learn about as many different things as I can."

Read her full interview to see why MSITE is proud to feature her as our latest Student Spotlight.