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Graduate Certificate in Computer-based Instruction

The Computer-based Instruction Certificate teaches basic instructional, visual, and interface design principles. Certificate students apply these principles using computer-based, online, and virtual reality tools. The focus is on developing instructional software and related computer-based instruction applications for corporate training, higher education, military training, and K-12 school settings.

This certificate is not for a K-12 endorsement; for a program leading to K-12 Add-On licensing, see the Special Endorsement in Computer Education Certificate.

Program Details
Applicants to the CBI Certificate meet the same admissions requirements as for the Master in Science in Instructional Technology program, minus the test. All CBI Certificate courses may be applied to the MS in IT if one uses EDTC 6045 and 6240 as MS electives.

Advising Guide for Graduate Certificate in CBI

The CBI Certificate requires 18 semester hours of graduate level work in the courses displayed in the table below. All courses are offered online.
Course Title Term Offered

EDTC 6020

Principles of Instructional Design (3)

Fall, Spring, Summer
EDTC 6030

Authoring Systems for Instructional Product Development (3)

EDTC 6045
Human-Computer Interface Design (3)
EDTC 6135
Instructional Graphics for Educational Media (3)
EDTC 6240
Virtual Reality: Principles and Applications (3)
EDTC 7030
Web Teaching: Design and Development (3)

  • EDTC 6020. Principles of Instructional Design (3) Systematic process for design of instruction. Task analysis and task analysis diagrams, learner and context analysis, and development of instructional strategies.
  • EDTC 6030. Authoring Systems for Instructional Product Development (3) Use of authoring systems for design, development, and testing instructional course ware.
  • EDTC 6045. Human-Computer Interface Design (3) Design and evaluate human-computer interfaces for information and instructional products. Applies human-computer interface principles and user-centered design perspective to project development.
  • EDTC 6135. Instructional Graphics for Educational Media (3) Design and production of graphic and visual elements for instructional applications. Covers electronic and print-based static and interactive media.
  • EDTC 6240. Virtual Reality: Principles and Applications (3) Basic principles of virtual reality. Emphasis on applications in education and other fields. Students select special projects according to their interests and build virtual environments.
  • EDTC 7030. Web Teaching: Design and Development (3) Principles of Internet (web-based) instruction, including using Internet tools for instruction, and instructional design approaches.

Note: Any student who does not take classes during a regular semester (fall/spring) must reapply to the Graduate school in order to reactivate his/her status as a graduate student and access to his/her ECU email account.

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