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Graduate Certificate in Distance Learning and Administration

The Certificate in Distance Learning and Administration is designed to provide interested persons an opportunity to learn the basic principles of distance delivery of classes, to manage distance-delivered classes and evaluate their effectiveness, and to administer distance education programs.
Program Details
Applicants to the Certificate in Distance Learning and Administration must meet similar admissions requirements as for the Masters in Instructional Technology program, except that standardized test scores (GRE, MAT) are NOT required. Students already in a graduate program apply for the certificate by going to and selecting Request to Add Certificate
Advising Guide for Graduate Certificate in DLA

The Certificate in Distance Learning and Administration requires 18 semester hours of graduate-level course work in distance delivery courses. The following six courses are required of all students in the certificate program. All courses are offered online.

Course Title Term Offered
EDTC 6010 Introduction to Instructional Technology(3) Fall, Spring, Summer
EDTC 6020 Principles of Instructional Design (3) Fall, Spring, Summer
EDTC 6300 Introduction to Distance Learning (3) Summer
EDTC 7030 Web Teaching: Design and Development (3) Fall
EDTC 7040 Instructional Strategies for Distance Learning (3) Fall
EDTC 7330 Management of Distance Education (3) Spring
  • EDTC 6010. Introduction to Instructional Technology (3) Overview of historical background, theories, instructional design and development, deliverers of instruction, current issues and trends.
  • EDTC 6020*. Principles of Instructional Design (3) Systematic process for design of instruction. Task analysis and task analysis diagrams, learner and context analysis, and development of instructional strategies. *EDTC 6060. Using the World Wide Web for Research (3) may be substituted for EDTC 6020 if one was accepted to the certificate program before Spring 2009.
  • EDTC 6300. Introduction to Distance Learning (3) Introduction to distance learning from an administrative and program development standpoint.
  • EDTC 7030. Web Teaching: Design and Development (3) Prerequisite: EDTC 6300 or 7310. Principles of Internet (web-based) instruction, including using Internet tools for instruction, and instructional design approaches.
  • EDTC 7040. Instructional Strategies for Distance Learning (3) Principles and theories of distance learning, including design, delivery, and evaluation.
  • EDTC 7330. Management of Distance Education (3) Internet connectivity required. Introduction to management of distance education programs, covering online course management, strategic planning, faculty development and support services, student services, issues, and future trends.

Note: Any student who does not take classes during a regular semester (fall/spring) must reapply to the Graduate school in order to reactivate his/her status as a graduate student and access to his/her ECU email account.

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