The MAEd in Elementary Mathematics Education: Designed for the Busy Professional.

The Masters of Arts in Education (MAEd) with a concentration in Elementary Mathematics is a practitioner-oriented online program designed to sharpen instructional expertise, develop skill in research, deepen mathematics knowledge, and promote leadership in mathematics education.  The courses in the Graduate Certificate in Elementary Mathematics Education are a subset of this MAEd.

Program Planning

  • Program consists of 36 semester hours, in the following categories:

    • Educational Core (15 hours)
    • EDUC 6001 Introduction to Differences in Human Learning in Schools
    • MATE 6211 Research in Mathematics Education
    • MATE 6062 Geometry & Spatial Visualization: K-5 Assessment (or MATE 6200)
    • MATE 6063 Mathematical Modeling: K-5 Leadership (or MATE 6206)
    • MATE 6400 Capstone Project in Mathematics Education

    • Mathematics at Licensure Area (12 hours)
    • MATE 6058 Number Systems & Operations: K-5 Mathematical Tasks
    • MATE 6059 Rational Numbers & Operations: K-5 Learning Trajectories
    • MATE 6060 Data Analysis & Measurement: K-5 Classroom Interactions
    • MATE 6061 Algebraic Reasoning: K-5 Discourse & Questioning

    • Mathematics Beyond Licensure Area (9 hours) Use the following or consult program director.
    • MATE 6341Teaching and Learning Geometry
    • MATE 6351Data Analysis and Probability in the Middle Grades
    • MATE 6371Teaching and Learning of Algebra

  • Advising Guide with Course Descriptions (click to download)

  • Schedule of Course Offerings (click to download)

  • Sample One Year and Two Year Plans of Study

  • Capstone Project

Program Completion

You are almost finished with your MAEd in Mathematics Education! There are a number of important processes, however, that must take place in addition to successfully completing your course work. Within the first two weeks of the semester in which you intend to graduate, you should apply for graduation, using the form and instructions found below. Then there is a graduate summary that must be completed – work on that with your faculty advisor and finish that by or before mid-semester. Finally, you will want to apply to have your license updated. Complete this paperwork near the end of the semester in which you are graduating.

Apply for Graduation

For instructions, go to and click on Academic Policies Graduation Process. To access the application, go to ECU Registrar, click on requested forms, and then on Graduate Graduation Application.

Complete the Graduate Summary

Go to and click on Academic Policies Graduation Process and Graduation Summary Form.

Process the Licensure Request

Go to Licensure, read the instructions, and download the appropriate forms.
Alternately, we have the forms referenced below in the “Resources and Forms” section of the website. Be sure to note that forms could be out-of-date in the “Resources and Forms” section, although we try to stay current.

Use this page for the most commonly required Resources and Forms

Do you have any further questions or need help locating something? Contact us:

Dr. Ron Preston
Director of Students Department of Mathematics, Science, and Instructional Technology Education
East Carolina University Mail Stop 566 Greenville, NC 27858 Phone:252-328-9355