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Mrs. Holly Fales
Mursion Coordinator
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Mursion @ East Carolina

Meet the Folks at Mursion School

As you get to know the kids, parents and faculty at Mursion, you will learn about their diverse backgrounds and personalities. The avatars don’t represent every student, parent or fellow educator an education professional could come across while in a school, but their personalities are representative of what is found in a typical classroom environment. The more you interact with Mursion, the more you will learn about each of them. You will find each of the kids and adults have completely unique personalities. Over time you may see the kids grow up and new people may come to our school.

Sean is cheerful, friendly, and gains satisfaction from the attention of the teacher. Sean is quick to raise his hand to answer a question. He is also assertive in a way that ensures his questions are answered. Sean enjoys school and learning.
Ed is a respectful student. Ed is quiet, although he will answer questions and participate in class discussions when asked. He is interested in school, and is on the basketball and track teams. Ed has a family history of military service which he hopes to follow.

Kevin relies heavily on the influence of his best friend in the class, CJ. The two see each other often outside of school and enjoy making YouTube videos. Kevin is easy-go-lucky and quite the ladies’ man. He is easily taken off task and tends to “space out” when he is disinterested.
CJ is not dependent on the teacher’s approval, and interacts with the teacher and students as a completely independent person. She is a natural leader and takes charge of the classroom with ease. CJ is not interested in school unless a teacher can sufficiently prove to her it is worth her effort and time.

Maria does not rely on attention from the teacher or the other students in the classroom for self-fulfillment. She is quiet and can be overlooked by the teacher since she does not draw attention to herself. She may appear disinterested in school and in learning, although she is very intelligent and has a great deal of potential.

Upper Elementary School

Upper Elementary

Coming Soon: The upper elementary students are designed for grades 3-5 by ETS as part of an NSF grant. They have the ability to show their work by using tablets at their desks.

George Marrera is a first-generation college graduate. He holds a BA and a MA. He is married with 2 children, a daughter who is 5 and another child who is almost a teenager. Some roles George can play are as an administrator, a science and technology teacher, or a parent.
Stacey Lewis is a female adult and can be used as Ed’s mother. In this role, she also has twins at home and another daughter younger than Ed. Stacey can also be cast as a teacher being evaluated by administrators or one resisting change in implementing new practices for specialists/instructional coaches.

Avatars in the Community

Mursion isn't just for training teachers. In addition to the classroom setting, there are also settings that can help train those in medical, business, hospitality and other fields. George and Stacey, above, as well as the patient and others below can be used in a range of capacities all depending on the scenario that is written.


Healthcare Avatar EnvironmentThis virtual medical examination room with a single female avatar is used for standardized patient training.

Customer Service

Hospitality EnvironmentsOriginally designed as a simulator for hospitality customer service training, this virtual environment includes three individual avatars (two female and one male). This environment is also used for customer service scenarios outside hospitality, such as banking or retail.