Mursion Immersive Simulation Lab

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Ms. Christine Wilson
Mursion Coordinator
125 Speight Building


Mrs. Holly Fales
Mursion Coordinator
122 Speight Building

Mursion @ East Carolina

Educational Pricing

East Carolina University offers annual education packages to schools and school systems. Regular service hours are Monday through Friday 7 am - 6 pm by appointment. Weekend and evening hours are available by request and additional fees may apply.

Package Name

Package Hours

Price per hour

Flying Dragon

Up to 25 hours per year


Adventure Galley

25-50 hours per year


Sea King ƒ

51-75 hours per year


Royal Fortune ƒ

76-100 hours per year


Queen Anne's Revenge* ƒ

101 or more hours per year


*Saturday morning hours included. ƒ One free facilitator training session included

There are several scenarios that have been developed for use in the Mursion simulator, but you are welcome to work with us to design your own custom scenarios. Each scenario requires approximately 2 hours from your package to finalize the design. Typically an hour in the simulator will allow for 4-5 participants to each go through a 10 minute scenario, though the length of time per person and per scenario may vary.

Whenever a Mursion session is taking place, one person who has received Facilitator training must be present. If the session is done at East Carolina University, this person will be provided to you. If this is done at your location, you must provide a trained person. Facilitator training is done at your request up to 20 people at a time remotely at a cost of $200 per training session.

∇ There is no cost for anyone at East Carolina University to use the Mursion simulator for work with students, staff or faculty, but all sessions must be conducted in Speight 225, if on the main campus of ECU. On the Health Sciences campus, other arrangements can be made, but the main Mursion lab is still recommended, as full recording is only done in the lab.