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Rural Education Institute Outreach Grants

     The Rural Education Institute Outreach Grants are intended to provide seed money and support for a variety of credit and non-credit outreach activities.  Awards will be made to ECU faculty in teacher education throughout the university, ECU College of Education faculty in adult and counselor education, business and information technologies, curriculum and instruction, educational leadership, library science and instructional technology, and mathematics and science education, and students in the EdD in Educational Leadership and proposed PhD in Curriculum and Instruction programs based on the criteria outlined below. Funds are limited. Proposals range from $250 to $3000. To allow for maximum distribution of funds for meritorious proposals, some proposals may only receive partial funding.

DEADLINE      Fall proposals are due October 15th.
                      Spring proposals are due February 15th.


     The Rural Education Institute Outreach Grants serve as a catalyst to strengthen and expand the College of Education's outreach activities and support rural education research. The specific purpose of the grants is to enhance the quality or delivery of outreach programs, to support the development of new and innovative programs, and to address educational needs strategic to the goals of the College of Education and our public school partners.


      Proposals submitted for consideration of the Rural Education Institute Outreach Grants must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Partner with a classroom(s), school(s), or system(s) within the Latham Clinical Schools Network.
  • Contribute to the research literature in the area of Rural Education.
  • Address College of Education priorities or be consistent with Colege of Education goals.
  • Provide for sustainability beyond the initial award.
  • Provide high visibility or benefit for the College of Education.


     All submitted proposals should include the following sections:

  1. Cover Sheet. A cover sheet should be complete and submitted with the proposal. It is important that applicants obtain the signature of their Department Chair prior to submission of the proposal.
  2. Narrative Description. This section should provide a brief description of the proposed project or program, including the purpose of the program, more of delivery, schedule of activities, and any other elements necessary to an understanding of your request.
  3. Significance of the Proposed Program/Project. This section should include, but is not limited to, as brief description of the project's relationship to the strategic goals fo the College of Education; its ability to enhance the university outreach culture; or its contribution to the field of research.
  4. Itemized Budget Request. This section should identify all expenses associated with the proposed program for which you are requesting support. It should essentially provide details of the budget summary provided on the cover sheet.
  5. Project Timeline. This section should identify the projected timeframe for the expenditure of funds.


     Proposals must be submitted to the Office of Professional Development. Please address any questions to Dr. Diana Lys at 252-328-2950 or


     The proposal cover sheet is found on the next page. Please complete it and return it to 104 Speight. All applicants will be notified of the decision of the selection committee.