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Student Perspectives

"I have loved this experience and am thankful that this program exists.  It is literally changing my life!" 

"Without this program, I am not sure that I could have obtained my degree because I have a family and a full time job."

"*Wachovia Partnership East* has made the dream of completing college a reality. You get the benefit of continuing to work a full time job with the benefit of earning your college education."

"Being a member of *Wachovia Partnership East has allowed me to pursue my four-year degree without traveling to Greenville. I have a family with two young children and making a three hour daily commute is not realistic."

"*Wachovia Partnership East is preparing students to become teachers of tomorrow with the advantages of Internet courses and less time spent on campus. The Internet courses give you the flexibility to do your work when it is more appropriate for you to stay on task."

"I was dreading taking classes on a big college campus because I was afraid that I would get lost in the shuffle. *Wachovia Partnership East allows me to work with a small group and everyone in this program will be in the same classes until we graduate. This allows us to get to know each other and build lasting friendships which we can use during our years of teaching." (Students from partnering community colleges in the Coastal Consortium come together at Craven Community College to take classes from East Carolina University.)

"For me, *Wachovia Partnership East has changed my life and is helping to make my future brighter by giving me the opportunity to succeed right here at home. As a working Mom, Partnership East gave me back the travel time and class time (flexibility of Internet courses) to spend with my family."

*Please Note that SECU Partnership East was formerly known as Wells Fargo Partnership East and Wachovia Partnership East.