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Deaf-blindness Certificate

The Deaf-blindness Certificate is an on-line program to prepare educators in the area of deaf-blindness based on nationally recognized competencies, reviewed by ECU faculty, and the National Consortium of Deaf-blindness.

Who benefits from the Graduate Certificate in Deaf-blindness?

Educators, family members, and other professionals with undergraduate degrees who work with students who have deaf-blindness.

What will I know and be able to do when I complete this Graduate Certificate?

  • Understand the unique impact of deaf-blindness on development and learning.
  • Assess the strengths and needs of these individuals.
  • Work collaboratively with families, related service specialists, educators, and other specialists.
  • Design and implement empirically valid, effective educational programs and services.
  • Train and utilize deaf-blind interveners and other paraprofessionals.
  • Serve as an effective teacher, school leader, advocate, and professional development resource.

What are the advantages of ECU's Graduate Certificate in Deaf-blindness?

  • Coursework is delivered online and is accessible through the Internet
  • Reasonable tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students
  • Non-degree admissions option so no need to enroll in a degree program

What does the Graduate Certificate in Deaf-blindness include?

Five - 3 hour courses (15 semester hours):

  • SPED 6810: Characteristics, Issues, and Trends in Education of Students with Deaf-blindness
  • SPED 6811: Essentials of Communication Development for Students with Deaf-blindness
  • SPED 6812: Assessment and Education Program Design for Students with Deaf-blindness
  • SPED 6813: Effective Teaching and Learning for Students with Deaf-blindness
  • SPED 6814: Internship with Students with Deaf-blindness

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For More Information, contact:

Dr. Alana Zambone

Dr. Mary W. Schmidt

Coordinator of Deafblind Certificate Programs

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