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Are You Interested in Working with Individuals with Deafblindness?

Enroll in the East Carolina University Online Deafblind Intervener Certificate Program
What is the role of a deafblind intervener?
  • links children, youth, and adults with deafblindness to the world so that they fully participate in their homes, schools, and communities
  • communicates effectively so that these individuals can:
    • understand their world;
    • anticipate and respond to events and expectations;
    • build relationships with others
What is included in the ECU Deafblind Intervener Certificate Program?
  • Four unique, intensive on-line courses
    • Level 1 Deafblind Intervener Certificate
      • Introduction to Deafblindness and Communication
        (9 CEUs;Practicum, 1 CEU)
      • Basic Instruction and Support
        (7 CEUs; Practicum, 3 CEUs)
    • Level 2 Deafblind Intervener Certificate
      • Advanced Communication
        (10 CEUs; Practicum, 2 CEUs)
      • Advanced Instruction and Support
        (8 CEUs; Practicum, 4 CEUs)
What are participant qualifications for the Intervener Program?
  • interest in working with children, youth or adults with deafblindness
  • high school diploma or equivalent (if you have a bachelor's degree - see DB Grad Certificate)
  • computer and access to high speed internet
  • web-cam, headphones, and video camera or flip camera
  • software to view and create Word documents and Powerpoint presentations
What is the tuition for the Deafblind Intervener Certificate Program?
  • Each Level 1 Course = $400 ($40 per CEU - Continuing Education Unit)
  • Each Level 2 Course = $480 ($40 per CEU - Continuing Education Unit)
Gainful Employment Data

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