Special Education



Dr. Sandra H. Warren
Graduate Programs Director
107 Rivers Building

Bachelor of Science in Special Education,
        Adapted Curriculum or General Curriculum

In pursuing a bachelor's degree in special education (SPED) initial licensure options are based on a non-categorical model with two licenses: the SPED general curriculum (GC) license and the SPED adapted curriculum (AC) license. The GC license prepares teachers to work with students with disabilities who are pursuing a high school diploma and are in the general education curriculum. The AC license prepares teachers to work with students with significant cognitive disabilities who are not pursuing a regular high school diploma and whose education is based in an extension of the general curriculum and an adapted curriculum.

Highlights of the ECU SPED BS program include:
  • General Curriculum License
    • Fulfills Reading License requirements
    • Fulfills most Elementary License requirements
  • Adapted Curriculum License
    • Interdisciplinary model including courses in communication, adapted physical activity, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, and rehabilitation services
Both licensure options offer:
  • A developmental scope and sequence of knowledge and skills necessary for the professional educator
  • Early and on-going field-based experiences in local schools
  • Authentic assignment structures
  • Linked methods and practicum courses
Graduates complete program with a knowledge of:
  • NC Standard Course of Study and curriculum differentiation
  • Academic, emotional, social, and behavioral aspects of student development
  • Classroom structure and management
  • Legal requirements of special education processes and procedure
  • Assessment for eligibility determination, instructional planning, and intervention
  • Technology use
  • School district and building systems/structures

Program courses in each option provide a common core of the general knowledge and skills necessary for beginning teachers. The special education program area works in partnership with the educational community in the development of these professional special educators.

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