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What Happens at Summer Ventures?

Research Projects

An important aspect of Summer Ventures is research. Therefore, students will take classes for the first two weeks, and then will be assigned to one of their courses in which they will carry out a research project. Working alone or with a partner, they will carry out hands-on, research on the topic for approximately two weeks. The students will prepare a paper that is the culminating product of the research. They will then give an oral presentation of their research paper on the final day of Summer Ventures to their fellow students, staff and parents and friends. Presentations are judged by an outside panel of experts and the top presentations are our Catalyst award winners.

Student Presentations

On the final day of Summer Ventures, each student gives a 10-minute oral presentation of their research project paper. Sessions are going on simultaneously in 8-10 classrooms, usually in the General Classroom Building. Parents, faculty, staff, and other students may sit in on these presentations. There is a great deal of excitement in the air and many students are nervous at first, but they find that getting up there and giving their presentation is much easier than they thought it would be. It is great experience and all the parents are really impressed and very proud. These students go back to their high schools with a higher level of confidence in themselves and are better prepared for their future.


In writing their research paper, each student must write an abstract describing their project. This, again, is helping the student to gain an understanding of what is expected of them by a university professor. The abstracts are published in digital form and each student receives a copy by mail.


During the program someone is capturing "moments to remember" with their camera. From the classroom to group shots, dining, performing, being crowned, being awarded, working out at the Rec Center and every other imaginable scene, photographs are taken and used to put together the digital yearly memory book. This is a tangible reminder of four special weeks during the summer that will always be in our minds and hearts. Each student will receive their very own yearbook, complete with a "Keep in Touch" address list of all their classmates.