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Project STEPP Staff, November 2012

Project STEPP Staff Directory

Dr. Sarah Williams
2701 Joyner Library

As the director of Project STEPP, Dr. Williams is responsible for the overall vision and leadership of the program. In addition to providing guidance and direction for the students and staff, she oversees the program's research overlay, collaborates with the university community, networks and establishes connections with external partners, and coordinates other processes essential to developing and sustaining Project STEPP.


Ms. Emily Johnson
Associate Director/Transition Specialist
2702 Joyner Library

Ms. Johnson leads outreach and collaboration efforts both inside and outside the university and supervises much of the mentoring and ongoing work of the program. She facilitates the recruitment and application process and is thus the primary point of contact for prospective students and families. The aspect of her role that is focused on student transition includes guiding the adjustment to college for incoming students during the year prior to matriculation and assisting with college-to-career support for students preparing to graduate.

Ms. Morgan James
Instructional Specialist
2706 Joyner Library

Ms. James provides ongoing daily support to all currently enrolled students during the academic year. She develops and teaches the Project STEPP curriculum, which focuses on equipping participants with skills, strategies, and resources necessary to be successful in the university setting, such as time management, organization, study skills, learning strategies, and campus resources. She also monitors students' daily progress, supervises study hall, trains and supervises the program's tutors, and provides academic support as needed.


Ms. Barbara Tritt
2707 Joyner Library

Ms. Tritt coordinates a co-advising model for students in Project STEPP by serving as advisor to all current students in partnership with advisors from their respective academic departments. She oversees the daily operations of the program in addition to coordinating program-related events, data collection routines, and resources. She is the primary point of contact for currently enrolled students and tracks their overall academic progress from enrollment through graduation.

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