TRANSFER Application for the STEPP Program

STOP! Before you download the application forms, please read these important instructions:

  • First, make sure that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. the application forms will not display or function properly if they are opened/completed in anything other than Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat Pro). You can download this software for free at  It is available for both PC and Mac, and the forms will display and function properly within this software on both types of computers. However, we do not recommend accessing the forms on an iPad/tablet because a number of the forms' key features do not function within the Adobe app at this time. 
  • When you click on the application link, it should open in a new browser window.
  • In the new window, save the form as a PDF file to your computer. Depending on your browser, you may need to do this by right-clicking on the form and selecting "Save as" or by clicking the "save" icon or "download" icon in a toolbar.
  • Exit the browser and open the PDF file in Adobe Reader. From here, you will be able to either print the blank forms or to type in your responses before printing the completed forms.
  • Make sure that you open the saved PDF file in Adobe Reader before entering your information. Please do NOT type in your responses on the form while it is in the internet browser, and do not print the blank (or completed) forms directly from the browser window. (Mac users, also make sure that the form is not being opened through "Preview" either.) Some of the form fields will not function properly in the browser/Preview, and others will not print correctly from the browser/Preview. 

Please read the Helpful Tips for STEPP Program Applicants before starting your application.

Transfer Application for STEPP Program 2019 Cohort - Complete Application Forms Packet
This packet includes the following materials:
- Instructions (1 page)
- Checklist (3 pages)
- Application Form (8 pages, but 9 sheets of paper because Page 3 is split into Page 3A and Page 3B)
- Professor Recommendation Instructions (1 page)
- Professor Recommendation Form (1 page)
- Professor Recommendation Instructions (1 page)
- Professor Recommendation Form (1 page)
At least 2 professor recommendations are required, so the packet includes 2 copies of the relevant pages. If you plan to submit more recommendations, we suggest that you go ahead and print extra copies of those pages when you print the rest of the packet.

Please follow all instructions carefully. If you have any questions, contact Emily Johnson.


Reminder: As mentioned above, you will need Adobe Reader to download the application forms. Please make sure you are using this software to access the forms to ensure that they display, function, and print properly.

News and Events
Upcoming Open Houses

The STEPP Program hosts information sessions for prospective students and families throughout the year. Check our Open House page for the dates of these sessions and the link to register!

2018 Cohort Update

Admission decisions for the 2018 cohort of the STEPP Program were made in August 2017. All the students who were offered a seat in the program have accepted their offer and have been admitted to ECU. Welcome to the STEPP community, 2018 Cohort!

Applications for 2019 Cohort

Applications for the 2019 cohort are available here. The application deadline for this cohort is May 15, 2018. Stay tuned for updates on the application process!

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The Winter 2018 STEPP newsletter is now available.

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Transfer Application for Project STEPP

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