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Office of Clinical Experiences
Clinical Teacher Qualifications




Individuals who are selected and prepared for a coaching role as a clinical teacher must have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions of highly accomplished professions to fulfill their responsibilities.  The College of Education and the school districts within The Latham Clinical Schools Network agree to the following criteria for the selection of the school district’s clinical teacher:

A.  To serve as a clinical teacher requires a recommendation from his/her principal/liaison.

B.  A clinical teacher must have completed a minimum of three years of successful teaching experience within the most recent five year period prior to selection as a clinical teacher.

C.  A clinical teacher must hold appropriate subject area licensure and currently be teaching in this area.

D.  A clinical teacher must have received above standard competence or higher as reflected in the LEA’s teacher appraisal system.

E.  A clinical teacher must willingly undertake the responsibilities of observing and documenting the performance of the intern and preparing written summary evaluations indicating approval or disapproval of the recommendation for initial teacher licensure by signature.

F.   A clinical teacher must agree to participate in staff development opportunities for university supervisors and clinical teachers as developed and agreed upon by the Latham Clinical Schools Network.

Clinical Teacher Training

All new clinical teachers must attend a one day clinical teaching training session.  This training includes the roles and responsibilities of the clinical teacher, intern and university supervisor during the Senior Year Internship.  These sessions are typically held during the month of June at various sites in the region each summer.  Teachers are notified about the upcoming training opportunities via their school system representative to the Latham Clinical Schools Network.