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Office of Clinical Teachers
University Supervisor Forms and Resources


Documenting Intern Attendance (optional)
Intern Improvement Form
Journal Reflection
pdf / word
Lesson Plan Guidelines
pdf / word 
Middle Grades and Secondary Long Range Plans
Supervisor Deadlines
Travel Reimbursement Documents 

Travel Reimbursement Form with Odometer(Blank)

University Supervisor Travel Reimbursement Procedures

Fall 2012 Mileage Chart

US Timeline   pdf / word

Resources (All need to be completed in TaskStream)
Disposition Form C
Feedback Survey on Clinical Teacher
Final Evaluation
Intern Feedback Survey on University Supervisor
Intern Information Worksheet
Portfolio Authenticity
Portfolio Pre-Test/Post-test
Worksheets (Need to be completed in TaskStream)
Initial Visit Worksheet
Progress Report Worksheet
Archived Forms (For Reference only- DO NOT USE)