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Senior Portfolio Overview

The senior portfolio consists of four key requirements:Component A: Instructional Practice Candidate Work Sample; Component B: Classroom Management; Component C: Impact on Student Learning; and Component D: Technology Skills.

  • Component A: Instructional Practice Candidate Work Sample. This component requires selecting, developing, and implementing an instructional unit through which teacher candidates demonstrate content knowledge and content pedagogy, ability to plan and assess student learning, knowledge of student development, and ability to reflect effectively and accurately. Component A includes the following elements:
    • instructional unit plan
    • 5 lesson plans specific to the unit
    • related student work
    • responses to Directed Questions
    • Optional: performance video/DVD-R clip with completed Video Information Sheet (strongly recommended)
  • Component B: Classroom Management. This component focuses on the management of the teacher candidate’s classroom. Teacher candidates will develop a classroom management plan, demonstrating the ability to create a climate conducive to learning, and establish clear expectations for student behavior. Component B includes the following elements:
    • a classroom management plan that addresses:
      • rules
      • daily protocols
      • levels of consequences
      • intervention strategies
      • preventive behavior management and motivation techniques
      • implementation plan
    • responses to Directed Questions
  • Component C: Impact on Student Learning.This component is completed in conjunction with Component A: Instructional Practice. Teacher candidates will demonstrate the ability to assess student learning and make appropriate curricular changes based on assessment results. Component C includes the following elements:
    • unit objectives/learning targets
    • scored sample of pretest and posttest assessment for one student
    • Excel results sheet with student results and calculations of change scores/percentages
    • Excel chart of student pretest and posttest results
    • responses to Directed Questions
  • Component D: Technology Skills. This component consists of a checklist of documentation of technology competencies. Candidates will print a copy of their transcript from OneStop showing the designated technology course grade of C or better. Place the transcript, with the page displaying your technology course grade on top, in your portfolio in the section labeled Component D: Technology Skills.
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