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NACADA Conf Presentation 2010

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Destination: E-Advising - How We Navigated Towards the Paperless World of Advising 

Put the Pedal to the Metal

5 Critical Components of Paperless Advising to Consider:

  • WEBSITE: a well organized, user friendly, up to date site that includes relevant material for students regarding advising and academic planning.
  • RESOURCES: adaptable advising materials and resources that can be converted to an electronic format.
    • Example: E-Checksheet, E-Registration Slip, E-GPA Calculator
    • All E-Examples
  • SUPPORT: from supervisor, staff, faculty, and YOU:
    • Questions to consider:
      • Does your supervisor support the paperless format as well as the commitment to converting advising processes in your advising center?
      • Do you have able support staff who are willing to adapt and learn new methods of working with data management of student records?
      • Can faculty/faculty advisor(s) be easily trained to work with new format?
      • Do YOU feel comfortable and ready to work with new technology and are willing to learn how to adapt and your methods of working with data management of student records?
  • TRAINING: for yourself and others.  Learning and staying abreast on the current technology and being able to train others to use said technology as well as the paperless advising process.
  • TIME: an understanding that transitioning to paperless advising is not an overnight process and will take time and commitment to get it right for YOUR advising process.  Flexibility and knowing that this process is ever evolving but you can ultimately help you and your students in a big way!

Pit Stop! A Look Under the Hood

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