GPA Information

Do-It-Yourself GPA Calculator
This worksheet shows you how to calculate or predict your GPA for the future in an easy step by step format.  There is also a GPA calculator on OneStop, but it does not calculate your GPA with grade replacements.  Contact your advisor with any questions you have regarding your GPA.

GPA Requirements by HHP Major
This worksheet identifies specific GPA and course grade requirements for each HHP major.

Academic Standing, what does it mean?

  • Good Standing indicates that you have earned at least a 2.0 overall GPA and are progressing toward graduation.
  • Academic Warning indicates your GPA is under a 2.0 but you meet the eligibility standard (“retention”) GPA based on your total GPA hours at ECU and transfer hours from another institution.  These standards are increasing.  Changes are effective with the end of fall 2011 grades.

Retention GPAs (based on GPA hours + transfer hours):
1-29 hours 1.8 GPA
30-59 hours 1.9 GPA
60-74 hours 2.0 GPA
75+ hours 2.0 GPA

  • Academic Probation indicates your GPA is under a 2.0 and you are not meeting the eligibility standard ("retention") GPA based on your total GPA hours at ECU and transfer hours from another institution. If your GPA does not improve the following semester, you will be suspended from the university.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact your academic advisor.  The online catalog (under “Academic Eligibility Standards”) has detailed information regarding these eligibility standards.

Readmission Information

  • Sit out your suspension as indicated by your standing for the last term attended (found on your Banner transcript).  Academic suspension 1st requires you to sit out one semester.  Academic suspension 2nd requires you to sit out two semesters.  Academic suspension 3rd is indefinite, and you may only return to ECU under the forgiveness policy.  The ONLY time you are allowed to continue attending at ECU without sitting out your suspension is during summer school.
    • If you attend summer school to try and remain eligible to attend fall semester you must do one of the following:
      • Raise your cumulative GPA to the appropriate point - either a 2.0 overall or meeting your eligibility standard ("retention") GPA.
      • If this is not possible, earn an automatic appeal of your subsequent suspension by earning a 2.5 on 12 hours or getting within 5 quality points of your eligibility standard ("retention") GPA.
  • Apply to ECU as a READMIT student after you have sat out your suspension.  Please note that once you have sat out your suspension this is not a guarantee you will be accepted back to ECU as a readmit.  For up to date information, visit here.  To apply you must complete an application.