HHP Club Info

There are many clubs that are relevant to professional preparation in all HHP majors. Students should explore ways to get involved by viewing our Student Life Info page. Below are links to some popular clubs advised by faculty/staff in the College of HHP. Students are strongly encouraged to check out and (hopefully) become involved in any club/organization at ECU. This is especially true for clubs/organizations related to their program of study. This type of involvement allows students the opportunity to connect with faculty/staff and other students in their program of study, as well as learn how to better explore their future careers.

Kinesiology Majors' Club

RCLS Undergrad Society

ECO-Pirates for Sustainability

Epsilon Nu Eta

Eta Sigma Gamma

Recreational Therapy Student Society

Are you interested in pursuing a health occupation, like becoming a doctor or physical therapist, post-graduation? Follow the link for a list of ECU clubs related to health.