Frequently Used Advising Forms

Students should visit the Registrar's office's 'Requested Forms' link for additional advising forms that are not listed here.

Grade Replacements
Grade Replacement Form - see 'Requested Forms' link


  • Please note that this process does not begin until the semester you wish to retake the courses.
  • Register for the course you wish to grade replace (the initial grade for the course will stand until you complete – have a grade for – the course again). Remember you may only grade replace 0000/1000/2000 level courses you made either a D or F in that are NOT pre-requisites for any course you have successfully completed.
  • Once enrolled, submit a completed grade replacement form to the Registrar's Office in 105 Whichard by 5pm the last day of class IF the course is 1 or 2 credits. All the information you need to fill out this form is listed on your banner transcript (found in banner self service). All course 3 credits or higher will automatically be processed.
    • SUGGESTION: submit this form midway through the semester (after midterms), so that you have a clear idea you are going to be getting the grade you want (and would like to replace your previous grade with) in the class.
  • Once grades are posted, check your transcript to insure that your form has been processed and your grade replacement is correctly reflected in banner. If not, send an email to your advisor or the Registrar's Office at to have it corrected. Grade replacements are indicated on your transcript by the letters "E" for excluding the course and "I" to indicate the grade to include in your GPA. For further clarification, please review:

Taking Courses at another US Institution
Permission to Take Courses at another US Institution Form - see 'Requested Forms' link

Students must complete a permission form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar or e-mail it to prior to taking a course(s) at another institution. Once submitted, the student will receive a copy of the approved/denied permission form along with how the course(s) at the other institution will transfer back to ECU. Course descriptions and/or syllabus are required for all out-of-state schools.

Students must meet the following requirements for transfer credit to be accepted:

  • The students must earn a grade of C or better in the transfer courses.
  • The student may not transfer a course for which they have credit at ECU.
  • The students may not transfer a course which has been failed at ECU (exceptions may be made by the department of the course that was failed - signature required on permission form).

Note: If a student breaks enrollment at ECU (fall or spring) and attends college elsewhere, they must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA on all transfer work to qualify for readmission to ECU

If a student is taking the prerequisite for a course he/she would like to register for in the following semester:

Example-a student taking the equivalent of ENGL 1100 at a community college over the summer and wants to take ENGL 1200 in the fall at ECU. The student can seek approval to be special added to ENGL 1200 while enrolled in the course at the community college. This approval would come from the department of the ECU course in which they would like added. In this case, it will be up to the ENGL department to determine if the student may be added to ENGL 1200.


  • To begin, you must determine what courses you may take at another institution. Below are step-by-step directions for determining courses that will transfer back to ECU:
    • Click on Course Equivalencies.
    • Choose state, click submit.
    • Choose school name, click submit.
      • Find course(s):
        • Notice that school of choice courses are listed on left and equivalent ECU courses are listed on right.
          Scroll down until you find the transferable course you are looking for.
  • Once you have determined courses that will transfer back to ECU, below are directions for filling out the form:
    • Top side of form – Complete, making sure to include name and address of school you will be attending over the summer.
    • Left side of form – Identify the course(s) to be completed at other school.
    • Right side of form – Identify the ECU course equivalencies.

Request for Re-Evaluation of a Transfer Course(s)
Request for Re-Evaluation of Course Which Transferred "By Title" Form - see 'Requested Forms' link


  • Student seeking credit for a specific ECU course (example - MATH 1065) must provide a course description and/or syllabus.

1000/2000 level courses:

E-mail the course title, course description and/or syllabus, year taken, and what college/university to Please be specific in the credit being sought and include the student's banner ID.

3000 and above:

Complete a Request for Re-Evaluation for Course Which Transferred "By Title" and submit to the appropriate department chair.

  • Collect Important Information about the course
    • Access university online catalog from which the course came.
    • Print course description.
    • Make a copy of the course syllabus (if able). A syllabus will better your chances of approval.
  • When filling out this form (top half), try to fill in as much information as possible.
  • Take form with attached information to chairperson, dean or program director of the academic unit in which similar courses are taught.
    • If you have any questions of who this person may be, contact your advisor.
  • Turn in completed form to the Registrar's Office in 105 Whichard. If approved, your records will be updated in banner.
Writing Intensive Credit (WI):

For students seeking WI credit for transfer course, the student should contact Dr. Will Banks, Director of the University Writing Program ( Dr. Banks will need a syllabus of the course being evaluated.

Note:If a student transfers in a course other than ENGL 1100/1200 (ENGL 3880, POLS 2010, and other academic subject areas) that is normally WI at ECU, it does NOT mean it will count as WI.

Verification of Non Attendance Form
Verification of Non Attendance Form - see 'Requested Forms' link


  • This form is necessary to drop a course or courses for which you have never attended. Please see your advisor for information on completing this form.
Request for Schedule Reinstatement
Request for Schedule Reinstatement Form - see 'Requested Forms' link


  • If your schedule has been dropped after the last day to add has passed, you must complete this form to have your schedule reinstated for the semester. Completing form:
    • Identify course info for the schedule that was dropped. If you need assistance with this, please contact your advisor for your cancelled schedule.
    • Obtain instructor signatures for all listed courses.
    • Submit completed form to the Registrar's office in 105 Whichard.

Student Academic Appellate Committee (SAAC) Appeal
Student Academic Appellate Committee Petition Form - see 'Requested Forms' link


  • Students wishing to appeal ECU academic policies such as:drop(deadline/number of drops), retroactive drop, retroactive withdrawal, grade replacement, suspension,etc. should submit an appeal to the SAAC. An appeal is a request that the academic rules not apply to you. In order to have your appeal considered, ECU academic policy requires that there be an unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstance that impaired your academic performance. Poor work habits, overload, or change of major are not appropriate grounds for appeal. All decisions of the Student Academic Appellate Committee are final.
  • A complete appeal requires that you submit this form along with the following:
    • A typed letter that explains the rationale for your appeal. Be specific and include details to support your case.
      • The letter of appeal is basically three paragraphs,and is addressed to the Student Academic Appellate Committee.
        • What caused your problem?
        • What you are doing or have done to solve your problem.
        • A rationale for why the committee should grant your appeal.
    • Documentation to support your appeal (medical records, police report, obituary, e-mails from professors, etc).
  • Completed appeals should be submitted to the Registrar's Office in Whichard prior to when the Student Academic Appellate Committee (SAAC) meets. Deadlines are listed on the form.

Request to Change Examination Schedule
Request to Change Examination Schedule Form - see 'Requested Forms' link


  • Final examination schedules are printed two years in advance. Changes in final examination schedules will be made only in the case of unusual and uncontrollable circumstances. A request to change the examination schedule begins with the instructor, who forwards this form to his/her departmental chairperson or dean.
  • Complete student portion, and submit to the instructor of the course you wish to change the final examination schedule for.