Closed Courses


We realize that courses required by your major may fill quickly during early registration, resulting in your inability to add them. Individual responsibility will help you to avoid this situation, but we know that sometimes there are extraordinary circumstances beyond your control. Regardless, there is a process in place that you are expected to follow in order to get help building a full-time schedule towards your major's curriculum. This is listed below:

  1. Meet with your advisor for guidance on brainstorming alternative courses if you are struggling to do so on your own.
  2. To pay for tuition, register for at least 12 on-campus hours of coursework. It can be anything! Continue to check Banner Self Service to see if the courses you need open up. We realize that you would prefer to have your schedule perfect ASAP but you will need to be patient and continue checking on classes until the Cashier's drop date:
  3. After the Cashier's drop date, contact the professor via email of the course you wish to add requesting special permission to be added. It is CRUCIAL that you follow college etiquette for composing a professional email because if you don't it is likely the professor will ignore your email (also include your Banner ID).
  4. 4. Still having trouble registering for major courses? Contact the chair of your major's department:  

*** PLEASE NOTE that if you are having difficulty registering for courses in other departments you should contact them for assistance with registration.