Financial Aid Information

Student Financial Aid
2103 Old Cafeteria Complex
(252) 737-6610 or (252) 328-6610

Student Financial Aid maintains a very informative website. Students who receive financial aid should become familiar with all information listed on this site and must read all emails from financial aid in a timely manner. Any questions regarding financial aid may be directed to a student's financial aid counselor.

Scholarship Information

Scholarships are not easy to come by and students are encouraged to search EARLY in the year for scholarship opportunities on their own (scholarship applications tend to be due in Jan/Feb prior to the new academic year). Office of University Scholarships would be the first stop to checking out scholarship information.

The College of Health and Human Performance and ECU do offer scholarships each year that students may apply for. Please note that these scholarships are very competitive and most of the HHP scholarships are contingent upon a student being declared in his/her major. ECU's Office of International Affairs also offers scholarships exclusive to education abroad. To view scholarship opportunities that are not sponsored by ECU, students will need to do a personal search using one of the resources below. Students may research various scholarships under a variety of categories, including general, merit, need based, race, gender, future career field/area of study, and student classification (FR, SO, etc.).

Some good websites to do these personal scholarship searches are: