Fitness Test

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This test is only required for the following Kinesiology majors to declare: Health Fitness Specialist and Physical Education.  Students must pass all four components, described below, in order to pass this test.  The major's fitness test is typically offered every last Friday of the month during the fall and spring semesters, and at least once during the summer (see online sign up for dates).  It is held in Christenbury Gym (on 10th Street, where buses drop off) at 8 am.  Student may choose to come at an earlier time (7:30am) if they have an 8am class on the day of the test.  The deadline date to sign up for the test will be the Monday prior to the test date. Students will need to indicate if they will be coming earlier.  The test is FREE however students must bring photo ID.

PLEASE NOTE students are responsible for notifying their advisor when they pass the major's fitness test.

Components of the Major's Fitness Test:

  • Running Component - PACER Test
    • The PACER Test
      Test objective:  The objective is to run as long as possible at a specified pace.
      Test Description:  The PACER is a multistage 20-meter shuttle run.  The participant runs from one side of the course to the other side (20 meters apart) while maintaining the pace set by a CD.  The pace gets faster each minute so that eventually less fit participants cannot maintain the pace and must stop running.  The more fit participants will be able to maintain the pace for a longer time than the less fit participants.
      Passing criteria:  Men > 61 laps, Women > 41 laps.
  • Curl-up
    Test Objective: To complete as many curl-ups as possible at a specified pace.
    Test Description:  The student assumes a supine position with knees bent at an angle of approximately 140 degrees, feet flat on the floor, legs slightly apart, arms straight and parallel to the trunk with palms of hands resting on the mat.  Measuring strip 4.5" in width is placed under the knees on the floor so that only fingertips are resting on the edge of the measuring strip.  Keeping heels in contact with the floor, the student curls up slowly sliding fingers across the measuring strip until fingertips reach the other side, then curls back down until head touches floor.  Movement is slow and controlled to a specified cadence of 20 curl-ups per minute (one curl-up every three seconds).  The cadence is kept by the test administrator.
    Passing criteria: Men > 24, Women >18.
  • Trunk Lift
    Test Objective:  Using the muscles of the back, one must lift the upper body off the floor holding the position long enough for a measurement to be taken.
    Test Description:  The student being tested lies on the mat in a face down position.  Toes are pointed and hands are placed under the thighs.  Student lifts their upper body off the floor, in a very slow and controlled manner, to a height of nine-twelve inches.  The position is held long enough to allow the tester to place a ruler on the floor in front of the student and determine the distance of the student'S chin from the floor.  Once the measurement has been taken, the student may return to the starting position in the controlled manner.  Two trials will be allowed and the highest score will be noted.
    Passing Criteria:  Nine inches for both men and women.
  • Modified Pull-up
    Test Objective:  The objective of this test is to correctly complete as many modified pull-ups as possible.
    Test Description:  Student assumes a supine position with shoulders directly under a bar set one to two inches above the student'S reach.  An elastic band is placed seven to eight inches below and parallel to the bar.  The student grasps the bar with an overhand grip (palms away from the body).  The pull-up begins in a "down" position with arms and legs straight, buttocks off the floor, and only the heels touching the floor.  The student then pulls up until the chin is above the elastic band, and returns to full arm extension.  The body must be kept straight and the movement must be rhythmic and continuous (student may not stop and rest).
    Passing criteria:  Men > 14, Woman > 4.