Parents' Page

The Advising Center understands that you as a parent have invested a significant amount of your resources towards the success of your now-college-student. We also understand that you know your child better than we ever will, which makes you the single greatest asset they have as they pursue academic success.  Now, because we know the university pretty well, we want to make sure to partner with and equip you with all the tools you'll need as you continue to support your student!

Your lives will change.  Please utilize the links below to assist you with this transition.

Additionally, the temptation to intervene when a child calls home with a problem is natural.  You've wanted to protect them for so long; it's hard to break that habit!  Remember that many resources exist at ECU to help students cope with various situations.  We suggest expressing support, but giving your child time to solve their own problems.  It will ultimately benefit them as they grow into mature adults.  ECU has many safety nets, including Resident Advisors, Academic Advisors, Police Officers, Student Government, Faculty, Student Health Services, Counselors, Dean of Students, etc... who are trained to identify and handle just about any problem you can imagine.  Encourage your child to see any of these people and as a parent it may be worthwhile to become knowledgeable of what resources are on campus and how they can help.

Provided are a few resources and articles that might help you with the adjustment:

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College Parents of America

College Tips For Parents

Counseling and Stress Management

Dean of Students

ECU Parents Advisory Council

ECU Parent and Family Programs