Placement Test Info

  • Math Placement Test
  • Foreign Language Placement Test
  • Department of Kinesiology Major's Fitness Test
  • BITE 2000 Computer Challenge Exam: This exam, offered by the Department of Business Information and Technology Education (BITE), is for Physical Education students to fulfill their computer competency credit to declare. Instead of taking the one credit course, BITE 2000, students may choose to take this pass/fail exam. The exam is offered throughout the year, at least once a semester. Exam dates and directions on how to register for the exam will be advertised by your advisor through email - contact the individual listed in the email for more information. The exam is a 2.5 hour, performance-based exam covering computer operation; word processing/introductory desktop publishing; spreadsheets/graphing; databases; networking; and telecommunications skills. Competencies in ALL of the areas mentioned above MUST be met to pass the exam. BITE 2000 Computer Challenge Exam Study Guide.