Pre-Registration Advising


  • Incoming freshmen: As a new student, you have the opportunity to register for courses prior to attending orientation. The “Pirate Introduction to Early Registration” (PIER) online tutorial is an introduction to academic and registration information. In addition, you will learn about ECU’s majors and recommended first semester course schedules. Once you have registered for New Student Orientation and complete a PIER quiz, you will be able to start constructing your fall course schedule. Please remember that the schedule you create on PIER can be adjusted throughout the summer and that academic advisors will be available during New Student Orientation to assist you. Stay tuned to your ECU email account for the PIER message so you can review important information and prepare for course registration.
  • Advising appointments begin EARLY in the semester! To avoid complications during registration, schedule your appointment with your advisor as soon as possible!!! Follow the link for more information on making an appointment.
  • Follow this link for more information on the REGISTRATION PROCESS; please know that you are expected to fully understand this process and you are ultimately responsible for your own progression within your major.

Advising Documents:

  • HHP Registration Form
  • Steps to Determining the Courses You Need
  • Blank Schedule Worksheet
  • FC Newspaper - for choice Foundation Curriculum courses
  • Navigating Banner

Students register online using Banner Self Service through OneStop. Students have the opportunity to register for courses for the upcoming semester well in advance during pre-registration. Pre-registration for the spring semester occurs during the fall semester. Pre-registration for summer/fall semesters occurs during the spring semester. Students are assigned to registration windows during pre-registration based on their total earned hours. Students may begin registering for courses during their registration window if they have their 6 digit registration PIN code. Every pre-registration your PIN code will change, and students must meet with their advisor for a pre-registration advising appointment prior to pre-registration to obtain this code!

Pre-Registration Advising Appointment DOs and DON’Ts:

  • DO call (252) 328-4645, send a meeting request or come in person to the Advising Center to schedule an appointment EARLY in the semester. Appointments for advising should be made for 30 minutes. If you need to do major exploration, please schedule your appointment for an hour EARLY in the semester.
  • DO talk with our front desk staff when calling (if no one answers, leave a voicemail).
  • DO leave a message if you get the Advising Center’s voicemail. There are a lot of calls this time of year, so please be patient and know your call will be returned. Please make sure to clearly leave your phone number with area code!
  • DO be aware of your advisor’s schedule. The Advising Center is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, unless otherwise communicated.
  • DON’T email your advisor a request for your registration PIN code by email. All students must meet with their advisor in person to obtain this code. If you lose your code, call or stop by the Advising Center – sometimes this is more efficient and quicker than emailing your request.

Once students have met with their advisors for a pre-registration advising appointment and have obtained their registration PIN code, they are ready to begin preparation for registering. Students should prepare by researching and creating an ideal schedule based on the suggested courses that were discussed in their pre-registration advising appointment. Courses often close so students must also identify several alternative classes for their ideal schedule. NOTE that identifying the CRN numbers for courses during preparation will help make registration quicker and more efficient for students.