Studying Abroad

The best place to find out more information about study abroad opportunities as an ECU student is to visit the Office of International Affairs at ECU. Information sessions are hosted at the International House a couple times a week. By speaking with staff from this office students may begin to research programs related to their degree or programs that would cover Foundation Curriculum courses. Interested students should first visit the link below and schedule an appointment to speak with a representative. After researching possible programs, students should see their advisor to discuss how the study abroad program fits into their academic plan.

By clicking the link below and navigating the Office of International Affairs' website, you can choose to view:

Any questions about study abroad opportunities at ECU? Students may email:


If interested in study abroad at all, we urge you to visit the Office of International Affairs located in the International House at 306 East Ninth Street (between the Student Recreation Center and McDonald's) or call (252) 328-1051 to schedule an appointment. It is really important that students plan EARLY for study abroad experience.