Volunteer Information

Volunteer and Service-Learning Center

The Volunteer and Service-Learning Center can help you:

  • Find volunteer activities and service-learning classes that appeal to your unique interests, connect with your major, or let you explore a career;
  • Develop leadership and career skills;
  • Track your volunteer hours and provide reference letters for employment purposes, scholarships and graduate and professional schools;
  • Offers liability insurance policy while you are serving. (All ECU students should register with the Center BEFORE doing service.)
  • You can do individual volunteer hours, with friends or student organization, in more than 125 different agencies right here in Greenville. The VSLC provides a calendar of events for each month that students can participate in; the possibilities are endless. To get more information visit the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center's office in the Old Cafeteria Building at or call (252) 328-2735. It is important that student's register with the VSLC on OrgSyn prior to volunteering so they are covered under the VSLC's liability insurance.