Withdrawing From the University

Stress is normal for college students; however when it starts to negatively impact your success in college it becomes a problem. If you are feeling stressed, please seek help and view our counseling center and stress management page for more information on the services available here at ECU to help you. Students must learn how to effectively cope with stress in college in order to succeed. The Advising Center is here to help and may provide a safe and confidential outlet in which to express your concerns. We encourage you to speak with your advisor (or someone at the Center for Counseling and Student Development) well before it becomes an issue beyond your control.

Voluntary Medical Withdrawal

For a student who is medically or psychologically impaired and wishes to petition for withdrawal without grades, he/she may apply for a medical withdrawal if the medical or psychological condition he/she experienced significantly impaired his/her ability to function as a student.

Dean of Students Office
362 Wright Building


Students can complete an official withdrawal form in the Dean of Students Office or e-mail Center for Academic Services ( from their ECU e-mail account with the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact Information (phone, address, etc)
  • Banner ID
  • Date of Birth
  • Statement-Please withdraw me from the Fall 2014 semester
  • Notes or other information (last day of attendance, never attended)
  • Reasons for withdrawal (if student wishes to share)

Some things to consider BEFORE withdrawing from ECU:

  • How does the date you withdraw affect your GPA?

    If you do not officially withdraw through the University, you will receive a grade of F in all the courses for which you are registered. This will negatively affect your GPA.

    If you withdraw prior to the last day to drop courses for the semester, you will not receive grades. The date is found on the Academic Calendar. A student is able to withdraw him/herself until the last day of classes each semester with grades. This means that any course that the student is passing will earn a Withdraw Passing (WP) grade. No credit will be earned for the course, but nothing will count against the student's cumulative GPA. Any course that the student is failing will earn a Withdraw Failing (WF) grade. Again, no credit will be earned, but the hours will count against the student's cumulative GPA.

  • Are you eligible for a refund of tuition and fees?

    Tuition and fee refunds will be processed AFTER any applicable financial aid adjustments have been made. The student should consult his/her financial aid counselor regarding these adjustments.

    Refunds will be considered during the twenty (20) class day refund period in the fall and spring semesters, and the five (5) day refund period during the summer. All refunds will be processed through your Higher One card. If you do not have a Higher One Card, you will need to contact the Cashier's office at (252) 328-6886.

    Please see the Cashier's Refund and Withdrawal Policy page for more detailed information.

  • Did you receive financial aid?

    If you live on campus, you must withdraw from the residence hall at the Neighborhood Service Office in your respective living area (Todd Dining Hall or West End Dining Hall).

    Withdrawing students must vacate the residence hall within 24 hours. You will receive a refund from Campus Living and from Campus Dining based on a pro-rated formula (as determined by contractual agreement).

  • Are you planning to return to ECU?

    NO - Please complete the formal withdrawal process and email the Center for Academic Services ( to notify them of your intentions to withdraw. The Center can assist you with the process of transferring to another institution.

    YES - If you plan to return the next consecutive semester, you are not required to apply for readmission. Simply contact your academic advisor for advising prior to the pre-registration period. If you remain out of school the next consecutive semester, you are required to submit a readmission application which you can obtain from the Admission's Office. Please apply early so you can meet with your academic advisor for help with advising prior to the pre-registration period.