BS Sports Studies

Degree Director:  Dr. Amy Rundio

Students in this degree program will study sport (in its widest sense) as a phenomenon of the human condition. Thus, sport in society, sport psychology, history of sport in the media, and sport philosophy will be major components within the degree. Sport has long been a major part of our culture, and of many other cultures, and remains a significant part of many societies. This degree will examine the place of sport in culture and society.

Students will be required to take courses that provide a broad understanding of human movement in all its forms as well as courses in the complementary areas of Recreation and Leisure Studies, Communications, History, Psychology and Philosophy. Students will be required to have a minor which will enable them to tailor their program to meet their more specific career goals. For example, minors in Communications, Business Administration, and Marketing would match with the careers such as journalism, sport business, sport retail, sport management and related areas.

This degree is intended for students who have an interest in sport but do not want to become physical education teachers or clinicians in exercise physiology related occupations. The BS in Sport Studies will also prepare students for graduate work in our Sport Management program.

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