Kinesiology Living-Learning Community

Program Overview

Established in 2015, the Kinesiology Living-Learning Community is designed to assist intended Kinesiology majors (i.e., those focusing on Exercise Psychology, Sport Studies, Health Fitness, and Physical Education) as they pursue their academic goals. The purpose of the community is to help guide intended Kinesiology majors as they navigate through their college careers. By being selected to reside in the Kinesiology LLC, you will have the opportunity to 1) live with fellow students who share similar academic goals and interests; 2) have the opportunity to take designated courses with your fellow LLC members; ) have a residential advisor who is a Kinesiology major; 4) and the opportunity to interact with instructors from the Department of Kinesiology.

Incoming freshman who are interested in living in this unique environment are invited to apply. Preference will be given to applicants from eastern NC who are first-generation college students that have demonstrated their academic potential via GPA, SAT/ACT scores. It is also expected that residents be non-smokers and committed to an active healthy lifestyle.

To apply, utilize the following link(s):

Questions or concerns should be directed to:

Mike McCammon - Primary Contact

"On behalf of the Kinesiology LLC Mentors and Advisors, thank you for your interest in our community!

Kandy Houmard, Exercise Physiology
Mike McMammon, Exercise Physiology
Stacy Warner, Sport Studies
Amy Rundio, Sport Studies
Bhibha Das, Health Fitness Specialist"

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