Frequently Asked Questions re:EXSS 1000

EXSS 1000? What is it and do I have to take it?

All ECU students must take EXSS 1000 in order to meet your Foundations Curriculum requirements. Throughout the semester you will learn about cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility, body composition, stress management, and basic nutrition. You will work with the LPAF Staff to learn how to be a conscientious consumer of physical activity that you will enjoy during the semester and beyond.

It can significantly enhance the quality of your life. There are significant health benefits associated with living an active lifestyle (including but not limited to weight reduction, better blood pressure measures, decreased “bad” cholesterol measures, better management of anxiety, and prevention and control of diabetes). In addition to improving your overall health, recent studies indicate that you may see improvement in your cognitive abilities and time on task after engaging in physical activity (that’s right, take EXSS 1000 a short time before that subject that is tough for you and increase your chances of doing well). Finally, you have the opportunity to improve social skills (and further your capacity to lead). EXSS 1000 classes require you to communicate well and collaborate with classmates and instructors to achieve the goals of the class.

EXSS 1000 not only teaches you why physical activity and exercise are important, it also teaches you how to be physically active. You have the opportunity to learn proper techniques and skills in a variety of activities. If you fully engage in the course, you will also know how to find opportunities for physical activity long after you complete the course.

Research has shown that lifestyle habits practiced in college are likely to last a lifetime. This means that if you are physically active in college, you are more likely to remain active throughout the rest of your life. The Lifetime Physical Activity and Fitness Program is in place to help you become an educated, repeat consumer of physical activity.

Do I have to be able to swim to take this class?

No. But, swimming is a great physical activity and is a skill that could one day save your life.

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