Biomechanics Lab - Motion Videos

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    This is an example of tracking the hand and bat path towards the ball. This is a useful tool in identifying if a batter has a long swing.

    We have the ability to superimpose two videos on top of each other allowing for a real time comparison. In this video a fastball and a curve ball are superimposed. This allows a coach to identify from a batter's perspective if the pitcher is tipping his pitches with different mechanics.

    Using a two camera setup, we can synchronize multiple views of a sport movement. In this video the front and side view is synchronized for a coach to observe pitching mechanics.

    Multiple videos can be placed side-by-side for comparisons. In this video three pitches are synchronized to release, and the flight of the ball is illustrated.

    A softball example of superimposing different pitches to see the real time differences in both mechanics and ball trajectories.

    A golf example illustrating the use of trajectory mapping of the club and angles at address for a direct comparison between golfers.