Bioenergetics and Exercise Science Ph.D. Curriculum The Bioenergetics and Exercise Science curriculum presented below is based upon a student entering with a master's degree in a related field. A master’s degree student with deficiencies of prerequisites (Organic Chemistry 1, Exercise Physiology) will be required to remedy these deficiencies prior to entry into the Bioenergetics and Exercise Science Program. An undergraduate student with sufficient research background and coursework may enter the program; however, they may be required to correct deficiencies in coursework including, but not limited to, Exercise Physiology, Organic Chemistry 1, and Cardiopulmonary Physiology. Research rotations (courses entitled Introduction to Research), seminars, and doctoral dissertation hours can be performed in either of the two disciplines (exercise science and physiology (PHYL)) or other departments, if applicable.

Year Fall Spring
1 PHLY 7702 (5) Organ Systems Physiology*
EXSS 7211 (4) Bioenergetics*
EXSS 7335 (1) Seminar**
(10 sh)
Advanced Statistics (3)**
Metabolism (4)
EXSS 8330 (3) Research Rotation**
EXSS 7335 (1)Seminar**
(11 sh) 
2 (3-4) Molecular Biology Course*
EXSS 8310 (3) Pedagogy in Bioenergetics**
EXSS 8333 (3) Advanced Topics**
EXSS 7335 (1) Seminar**
(10-11 sh) 
EXSS 8330 (3) Research Rotation
EXSS 7335 (1) Seminar **
EXSS 8333 (3) Advanced Topics**
Elective (3)**
(10 sh) 
3 EXSS 7004 (2) Research Ethics**
EXSS 9000 (9) Dissertation***
(11 sh)
EXSS 9000 (9) Dissertation***
(9 sh)
4 EXSS 9000 (9) Dissertation
(9 sh)
Graduate or Register as needed

Total hours = 69-70

Up to 12 semester hours (s.h.) may be waived if equivalent coursework of sufficient depth has been successfully completed.  Petitions to waive s.h. must be approved by the EXSS Director of Graduate Studies, and the Graduate School.

*Core requirements (12hrs)
EXSS 7211 (Bioenergetics, 4)
Molecular Biology Course - suggested ANAT 7202 (4), BIOC 7303 (3), MCBI 7440 (4), BIOL 6870 (3), PHLY 7702 (Graduate Organ Systems Physiology, 5)

**Required courses (32 hrs)
4 hours of seminar
6 hrs of research rotations (introduction to research)
6 hrs of advanced topic
6 hrs of electives - suggested EXSS 7220 (3), BIOC 7320 (3), ANAT 7202 (4), BIOC 7310 (3), MCBI 7440 (4), EXSS 8310 (3) Pedagogy in Bioenergetics
3 hours of advanced statistics EXSS 7004 (2) Research Ethics

***Dissertation hours
(27) can be applicable towards the degree

The comprehensive exam will be taken in the spring of year 2. The written section will consist of a grant proposal in the NIH format. The oral exam will consist of a 20 - 30 minute presentation followed by questioning. The comprehensive exam committee will consist of at least 1 member from Physiology, 1 member external to bioenergetics faculty, 1 member from EXSS and 1-2 remaining members, for a total of 4 - 5. The committee will be selected by the student and their faculty mentor and will provide a final pass or fail decision.

Class Descriptions
EXSS - Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Performance

EXSS 6210 - Theory and Techniques in Bioenergetics (3)
Lab and lectures. Prerequisites: Exercise physiology or physiology course; consent of instructor. In depth description and theoretical constructs of procedures used in bioenergetics research and clinical settings.

EXSS 7211 - Bioenergetics (4)
Prerequisite: Graduate exercise physiology or cell physiology course and consent of instructor. Concise summary of bioenergetics using cellular and subcellular approaches. Focus on metabolic perturbations evident with exercise and disease and the interactions between the two.

EXSS 7335 - Seminar in Bioenergetics (1)
May be repeated. May count a maximum of 4 s.h. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Critique of current bioenergetics literature. Course may be repeated; a maximum of 2 s.h. Are applicable toward graduation.

EXSS 8330 - Introduction to Research (3)
May be repeated. May count a maximum of 6 s.h. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Student assigned to a faculty preceptor .Opportunity to learn design of experimental protocols and to collaborate in some aspect of the preceptor's program.

EXSS 9000 - Dissertation (3)
May be repeated. May count maximum of 27 s.h.

BIOC - Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine

BIOC 7301 - Biomolecular Structure *(4)
P: General chemistry; organic chemistry; consent of dept chair. Explores the relationship of structure, chemical, and physical properties of biomolecules to their biological function. Includes introduction to intermediary metabolism and role of thermodynamics and kinetics in biosystems.

BIOC 7310 - Molecular Biochemistry* (3)
P: General chemistry; organic chemistry; general biology; consent of dept chair: Replication, translation, and expression of genetic information and its regulation.

BIOC 7330 - Introduction to Research (1-6)
May be repeated. May count a maximum of 12 s.h. P: Consent of dept chair. Assignment to faculty preceptor. May work with more than one preceptor. Design experimental protocols and collaborate in some aspect of the preceptor's research program.

BIOC 7335 - Current Topics (1) Registration for fall and spring semesters required. P: consent of chair. Formal seminars and student critiques of current literature in biochemistry, concentrating on one topic each semester.

BIOC 8320 - Regulation of Metabolism* (4)
P: BIOC 7301; consent of dept chair. Regulation of metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and amino acids. Focus is on integration of metabolism and its regulations in humans.

BIOC 9000 - Dissertation* (3)
May be repeated. May count for a maximum of 18 s.h.

PHLY - Department of Physiology, School of Medicine

PHLY 7701- Graduate Cellular Physiology (3)
P: BIOC 7300 or equivalent; PHLY 7702 or equivalent. Advanced study of eukaryotic cell function. Emphasis on membrane biophysics, signal transduction, and control of proliferation and differentiation.

PHLY 7702 - Graduate Organ Systems Physiology (5)
P: BIOC 7300 or equivalent; consent of dept chair. Advanced survey of physiological principles underlying cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and endocrine systems.

PHLY 7715 - Seminar in Physiology*(1)
May be repeated. P: PHLY 7701, 7702; consent of dept chair. Selected topics of current interest.

PHLY 7740 - Introduction to Research *(3)
May be repeated. P: Consent of chair. Collaborative or independent research in a variety of physiology specialty areas, including research in preparation for doctoral dissertation.

PHLY 9000 - Dissertation Research (3) May be repeated. May count maximum of 18 s.h.

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