Biomechanics Lab - Colleagues

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    We collaborate with:

    Wake Forest University

    Dr. DeVita collaborates with Dr. Stephen Messier and his colleagues at Wake Forest University to investigate biomechanical and physiological processes and outcomes in people with knee osteoarthritis. This work is currently supported by the NIH (R01AR052528-02 and R01AR059105-01, P.I. Messier). The grant titles are, “Intensive Dietary Restriction with Exercise in Arthritis (IDEA),” and, “Strength Training and Arthritis Trial (START).” Dr. DeVita's model of the lower extremity and investigate whether these forces change through diet and exercise.

    The abstracts for these studies are at:



    University of Memphis - Max Paquette

    We collaborate with Dr. Max R. Paquette from Health and Sport Sciences on projects investigating knee osteoarthritis. 

    University of Groningen - Tibor Hortobagyi

    Dr. Hortobagyi continues to collaborate with our lab group on several projects including investigating cross-education during a visiomotor task and the effects of plantarflexor strength training on older adults' gait biomechanics.

    East Carolina University - Physical Therapy - Drs. John Willson, Stacey Meardon and Richard Willy

    Drs. Willson, Meardon, and  Willy collaborate with the Biomechanics Laboratory staff on several projects investigating the biomechanics of running ad running injuries.