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    Graduate Students:

    The Biomechanics Laboratory has had many excellent graduate students working as researchers on Laboratory projects. They have all presented their work at regional and national  biomechanics conferences. These students are currently enrolled in the program or have graduated and continued their education in medical school and Ph.D. programs or obtained employment in a variety of  industries. The Lab owes these individuals a great deal of thanks and  appreciation. Our current and former students are:

Jamie Hibbert

Jamie's current research projects are on changes in muscle stiffness and strength with age.  Jamie is also interested in injury prevention and (legal) performance enhancement in athletic performance.
Jamie is a Certified Athletic Trainer and has worked with traditional sports teams, aerospace manufacturing employees, and in community outreach to keep people healthy and able to fully participate in physical activity.  Jamie decided to return to school to pursue her doctorate because she would like to eventually have a career in research and teaching.  Jamie enjoys spending time exploring the great outdoors with her husband and their puppy.

Erica Bell

Erica is a first year doctoral student and graduated from ECU in May 2013 with a BS in Exercise Physiology. During her senior year, she interned in the ECU biomechanics lab and received an Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities award to conduct a research study on differences in foot stiffness between minimally shod and traditionally shod runners, which became a finalist in the Nike sponsored ISB Footwear Symposium. Erica hopes to continue working on this project; meanwhile she is currently in the early phases of a research project looking at architectural and structural parameters of intrinsic foot muscles in hopes of constructing a finite element model of the foot.

Erica transferred here in Fall 2010 and ran on the ECU track and field team during her 3 years of undergraduate study here. She is now a volunteer assistant coach on the ECU track and field team and loves it. She also enjoys bowling, music, logic puzzles, and craft projects.

Ann Marie Herring

Ann Marie is a second year graduate student. She completed a BS in Exercise Physiology at ECU and then worked as an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer for a year before returning to ECU to pursue her Masters in Biomechanics. Her study will examine the hip, knee, and ankle joint biomechanics of individuals with a BMI ranging from 25-50 kg/m2. Upon graduation Ann Marie hopes to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and procure a career working with injured military personnel.

Ann Marie is a newlywed. When not involved in school work, Ann Marie works as a volunteer for the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and the Special Olympics. She is an active member of her church and spending time with their dog and planning “Skype dates” with her husband who is currently stationed in California with the United States Marine Corps.

Chris Wendt

Chris is a 2nd year graduate student after getting his B.S. in Exercise Physiology at ECU. He has been developing and will begin collecting data on his research project examining the effects of Whole-Body Vibration on lower extremity strength and walking biomechanics in older adults. Chris has Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certification in which he has received golf-specific training in completing physical screens to identify physical limitations in a golfer and relating them to their swing through thorough 2D and 3D swing analysis, in addition to providing exercises to prevent improper technique and risk of injury. He hopes to pursue a career in the area of golf swing analysis and golf biomechanics after receiving his Master's Degree.

Matthew Salzano

Matthew is a first year student in Biomechanics Master's program.  He graduated from ECU in 2012 with a degree in exercise physiology.  His research interests are looking at the biomechanics and physiology of human performance, especially in athletics, and injury prevention/rehabilitation. His thesis is not yet set, but it will be looking at the stiffness in muscle in older adults.  After school, he hopes to possibly get his Ph.D. and work for a major institute or athletic wear company doing research.  Matthew likes to stay active by lifting weights and playing sports.  He is also an avid college football fan and, despite all of the heart attacks and heartbreaks, a fanatic of the Miami Hurricanes.

Daniel Schuster

Daniel is a first year Master’s student in the Biomechanics program. He is from Rochester, NY and received his degree in Exercise Science from Ithaca College. He is interested in the effects different types of footwear have on the gait cycle and wishes to pursue a career in the footwear industry. His thesis is in development, but will be relating to running and the effects that velocity modulation has on muscle activation. He enjoys cycling, running sometimes, and swimming. Daniel enjoys watching and playing hockey and unfortunately is a huge fan of the Buffalo Sabres.

Matthew Becker

Matt is a 1st year graduate student.  His thesis is a collaborative project with the Engineering and Physical Therapy departments on balance issues in people with diabetic neuropathy.  Matt wants to work with elite athletes in some advising capacity after graduation. Matt is from Richmond, VA and graduated from JMU with a BS in Kinesiology.  He is an avid cyclist who thoroughly enjoys riding in the mountains, the rain, and the snow.

Kayla Seymore

Kayla is starting her 1st year in the program. Her current thesis project investigates the effects of an eccentric strength training program on hamstring muscle strength, architecture, flexibility, and stiffness. Kayla also has research interests in lower body mechanics and gait biomechanics of athletes. She enjoys running, soccer, flag football, music, and sushi.

Shane Rabideau

Shane is from Cary, North Carolina and received a degree in Philosophy from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.  He is entering his first year in the program and in the early stages of developing his thesis.    Currently Shane is a NASM certified personal trainer at Fitness Connection.  He hopes to apply what he learns in the program to a career as a strength and conditioning coach for high school and college athletes.  His other interests include white water rafting, hockey, lacrosse, and philosophizing.

Previous Students

1993: Jeffrey P. Hill

1994: Donghai Zheng

1995: Kevin R. Scott, Sherri L.  Westbrook

1996: Jeffrey R. Wilson

1997: William Linebaugh Dempsey  IV

1998: Jeffrey Money

2000: Jill Suzanne Moody, David J.  Tunnel

2001: Stacey L. Beam

2002: Jovita Jolla, Kimberly N.  Smith

2003: Todd J. Brown, John  Christopher Mizelle, Lenna M. Westerkamp

2004: Douglas W. Powell

2005: Joseph Lowry Helseth,  Brandon F. Noyes, Michelle Amy Pullen

2006: Jonathan F. Armada

2007: Allison Gruber, Patrick  Rider, Paul Zalewski

2008: Erin Bushey, Brian Moscicki

2009: Ben Long, Cortney Herring, Jason Jones

2010: Tim Copple, Mike McNally, Jonathan Gomez, Jonathan Bulluck, Binal Motawar, Adria Finch, Byron Moore

2011: Ryan Hill, Jimmy Metzinger, Caitlin Pearl

2012: John Pope, Alexis Sidiropoulos, Robert Brady, Jeff Morgan

2013: Hunter Bennett, Rebecca Krupenevich, Josh Leonardis, Rachel Tatarski, Korey Reynolds

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