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    Lab Fun

    The Biomechanics lab group is a fun and competitive bunch. Many sporting events and activities are organized by the fun commander. The group has participated in Tennis and Bowling tournaments, are regular staples in the intramural Softball playoffs, remain undefeated against the HPL on the Gridiron , and also participate in imaginary digital sports such as Fantasy Football . Check out our athletic exploits!

    Biomechanics Semi-Athletic League

    Patrick Rider

    After weeks of anticipation for the spring weather, the Biomechanics tennis tournament played out over several weeks of competition.  With the absence of the "Hungarian Grasshopper" Dr. Hortobagyi due to injury, there remained one obvious favorite in former college tennis player Ryan Hill.  With partner Johnathan West, Ryan ran away with the victory but not before facing valiant efforts from DeVita/Morgan and Rider/Metzinger, who stepped up their level of play and managed to take a game, making it more competitive than predicted.


    2011 Biomechanics Bowling Tournament


    First Place - Paul Devita
    Second Place - Bill Churchwell
    Third Place- Jimmy Metzinger

    The 2011 Bowlarama was held at AMF lanes in Greenville.  The turnout was great, trash was talked, pins were dropped, and a champion was crowned.  After an intense two game qualifying round, the top eight scores competed in a one game, winner takes all, battle royal for a years worth of bragging rights.  In the end all other challengers fell as Dr. DeVita took home the non-existant trophy with a winning score of 148.


    2011 Biomechanics/HPL Intramural Softball Team (AKA- Little Bobby Hickners)

    After finishing atop their division with an undefeated regular season the Little Bobby Hickners made an unceremonious exit in their first game of the playoffs, falling to the eventual champions by a score of 12 to 7.  Though the LHB's made no excuses, the lack of healthy hamstrings left after a long five game season may have been a contributing factor.  The year included many sports center-esque highlights including Dr. Hickner displaying cat like reflexes making many defensive plays from the mound including one play where he rolled the ball to first base while outstretched on the ground to make the out. 


    2012 Biomechanics/HPL Intramural Softball Team

    Although this season was promised to end with better results than previous years, the LBHers had to take the bench early in the playoffs.  Similar to previous seasons, hamstring injuries and a serious gastroc strain took hold of this years chances at winning the big one.  Many bombs were hit by the now departed Wild Bill Mixon and his teammates Catcher Robert Brady and "I'll Play First" Pope, surely their bats will be missed.  Even a few fans showed up to cheer the team on, but it seemed not enough luck ran their way.  Big thanks to the great players who leave the LBHers for other softball fields: 3rd Baseman Scott Gordon, Left Middle Fielder Billy Mixon, Catcher Robert Brady, 1st Baseman John Pope, and Right Fielder Jeff Morgan.


    2010 DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) Bowl - Biomechanics/HPL Football Game

    The brains meet in a battle of brawn in the annual DOMS Bowl.

    Dr. DeVita cooly schools his arch nemesis Dr. Hickner

    Dr. DeVita gallops towards the lack of first down marker

    "All Athlete" Dan Godio reels in the catch of the day

    The visiting Englishman adapts his skills to the American game


    2011 DOMS Bowl

    Life is much harder with broken ankles.

    Play calling is a staple in the greatness of the Biomechanics Lab.

    Devita has no fear.  He creates his own running lane.

    With 3 INTs, either Hunter knew where to be on the field, or the HPL/APL quarterbacks thought he was on their team.

    Our loyal fans.  They came to PLAY....tomorrow.


    2011 Biomechanical Brawl

    This was the first year of the Biomechanical Brawl fantasy football league.  An early morning draft lead to great seasons for some, while missing out on the draft had some left wondering "why did I sleep in?"  Competition was stiff, trades and trash talk ran rampant, but the Commish' seized this championship.  Patrick Rider's "SIMMulators" and his "hide ya kids, hide ya wives" because we take all mentality stormed through the playoffs, leaving no point unearned. 


2014 ECU Biomechanics Lab FFFL

This Biomechanics fantasy football league was the first time undergraduate students were asked to participate. In a daunting 12 team league, wrought with injuries and suspensions, it seemed as if the season would be a breeze for those aware that you had to set your lineup each week. The new Commishioner, second year Grad student Daniel Schuster, seized this championship.  Winning the title was a breeze after Daniels "Beats by Ray" sailed smoothly through the season seemingly unabated by the injurie woes.


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